June 29, 2016


After almost a decade in business I can finally say Erica Gelman Design inc. works exclusively on full service projects. But again, what does that mean? I get asked that question all the time – it’s probably the second most popular inquiry after “what’s a good grey to paint my walls” to which I always reply… What is a “good” grey? Is there a bad grey. But… that’s a whole other topic and a whole other post.
Back to FULL SERVICE. We have a very specific process we follow which takes our clients from initial concept to final execution. We design, manage, design-manage, project manage, order, follow-up (a lot) coordinate & deliver the final product all without the clients having to do very much except approve our ideas (and sign cheques, ofcourse). This gives us the ability to work our magic yet control the back end of the project to ultimately alleviate the clients stress level as much as possible. We follow the same steps with all our projects regardless of its size. Be it a simple decorating task, a midsize kitchen or bathroom renovation or a large scale new build – we manage but more importantly micro manage all the moving pieces in-house. Currently we are working on some aaaamazing full service projects.

#THEBEECH – a total gut job in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood. We have taken the hundred year old home back to the studs and are turning it into the ultimate Beach house. We are not only redesigning the layout but we’re also choosing every last finishing detail.


#KLEINBURG – a 4500 sq/ft new build which we are decorating for 3 super stylish young ladies and their equally fab parents. These rooms have been taken to all sorts of new levels of design. A true designer’s dream project!


#DAYLILY – a home in the suburbs just outside of Toronto. We are
transforming this ‘suburban builders home’ into a designer jewel box. One step at a time. This project is phased out into smaller undertakings so can complete one room at a time as appose to tackling the entire house at once.


#COOKSMILL – another home being spilt into phases. We begun by renovating the main floor and taking this builder’s basic home and
transforming it into a modem oasis. We are currently working on a home office inspired by the idea of a gentleman’s smoking lounge. To.die.for


#DIREZZE – a ‘not your typical basement’ renovation. This home was an empty canvas when we started yet, once we’re complete it will be a real showstopper. We’re designing and project managing this total re-build for clients who aren’t afraid to push the limits and allow us to take them out of their comfort zone.

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More on each project to come. Also, For additional progress pictures don’t forget to follow us on Instagram with these hostages AND our Pinterest boards for our inspiration and concepts behind each project.